Little house

by Ceilidh//NoCo

This weekend Dan and I went to Tatamagouche, NS to visit some family.
My sister, Meghan, and her Husband, Tony, recently built themselves a really amazing little house. I took a bunch of photos & I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them! Meghan and Tony are two of the most talented people you could hope to meet.
Most of the things you see in the photos are  things they made with their own two hands!  From pottery, to the shelves that the pottery sits on, the walls of the house and the art!
Being with them in their tiny house in the woods definitely reminded us of where we would eventually like to be some day…littlehouse

1. Kitchen supplies 2. Lush plants 3. Art! 4. Leaf imprints on the floor 5. Bathroom goods 6. More art! 7. Tub texture 8. Hand dyed curtains 9. Hand made Guitar stand
10. A little view 11.Sliding door