Month: February, 2013


Fortunately while in Mexico I had the chance to visit a lot of artisans, potters, wood carvers…one of the places we visited was a family run weaving studio.
They showed us their whole process from cleaning and carding the wool to spinning it and the process of dyeing the wool which they did with all natural materials (think bugs and flowers and pecan shells!). They also showed us how they actually weave the wool into the amazing rugs, table clothes, wall hangings, scarves…
My momma is a weaver so this was all very special to me. I can remember her doing all these things I was growing up… cleaning wool by hand, washing it in the river next to our house, dyeing it….
To me weaving is just such an ancient and special art with beautiful results. So many people don’t even realize that many of the fabrics all around us are woven.


1. Pretty flowers make pretty wool 2. The variety of colour provided by a single type of bug 3. Some weaving 4. Spools and Shuttles 5. A system 6. Alter 




Cocktail Sundays

cocktailheaderDan and I are happy to present Cocktail Sundays! This will become a somewhat regular feature on NoCo and we really hope you like it.
Today’s Cocktail is the Negroni and is one of our favourites.



1 oz of gin
1 oz of Campari
1 oz of sweet vermouth
1 dash of orange bitters
Garnish with a flamed orange peel

1. Gather ingredients and place an old-fashioned glass in freezer to cool
2. Place all ingredients, excluding the orange peel, in a mixing glass*
3. Add a good amount of ice cubes to the mixing glass and stir it all up for a bit
4. Pour into your chilled old-fashioned glass over new ice, straining out the old ice**
5. Cut a good-sized piece of orange peel. Light a match while holding the orange peel in your other hand and squeeze the orange peel against the flame but over the glass. This will release the citrus oils which will ignite creating sparks over your drink!
6. Drop the garnish into the drink and enjoy.

* We have this mixing glass and love it.
** We prefer big ice cubes. You can find big ice-cube trays all over the place but we use these ones.

We referenced Bitters while working on this post. A book we recommend to anyone looking for more information on Cocktails!


Ceilidh & Dan

Oaxaca (part two!)

One of my favourite things about travelling is seeing new and wonderful plants.
I don’t think I actually really realized how intrigued I am by unusual (to me) plant life until I was looking though my photos and realized just how many pictures I had actually taken of plants alone.
Coming from cold and wintery Canada the vegetation in Mexico was all pretty magical to me. I try to keep succulents and air plants alive in our house but seeing them actually thriving outdoors is a whole other thing!


1. Pretty succulent 2. A tree in bloom that no one knew the name of 3. Cactus! 4. Fleurs 5. This guy was actually huge!



Oaxaca (part one!)

Things have been quiet around here lately but…. I have a good excuse!
I was in Mexico for the last little bit (then I got storm stayed in Toronto for four days, but that is neither here nor there….) on a trip with my work to visit coffee producers. It was an amazing and eye-opening trip for me.
I had never been to Mexico before but Oaxaca and the Mountain towns that we visited, along with our incredible guide, and amazing food, gave me a great introduction.
Dan and I are already planning a trip back!
I’ve had a hard time going though all my photos and picking my favourites and I have a lot more photos to share in the next little bit…. here are a few sights from Oaxaca…


1. A fountain in the courtyard at Hotel Azucenas in Oaxaca 2. Empty Mezcal bottles 3. Roof top beauties 4. Cuish- a bar 5. More rooftop