Cocktail Sundays

by Ceilidh//NoCo

cocktailheaderDan and I are happy to present Cocktail Sundays! This will become a somewhat regular feature on NoCo and we really hope you like it.
Today’s Cocktail is the Negroni and is one of our favourites.



1 oz of gin
1 oz of Campari
1 oz of sweet vermouth
1 dash of orange bitters
Garnish with a flamed orange peel

1. Gather ingredients and place an old-fashioned glass in freezer to cool
2. Place all ingredients, excluding the orange peel, in a mixing glass*
3. Add a good amount of ice cubes to the mixing glass and stir it all up for a bit
4. Pour into your chilled old-fashioned glass over new ice, straining out the old ice**
5. Cut a good-sized piece of orange peel. Light a match while holding the orange peel in your other hand and squeeze the orange peel against the flame but over the glass. This will release the citrus oils which will ignite creating sparks over your drink!
6. Drop the garnish into the drink and enjoy.

* We have this mixing glass and love it.
** We prefer big ice cubes. You can find big ice-cube trays all over the place but we use these ones.

We referenced Bitters while working on this post. A book we recommend to anyone looking for more information on Cocktails!


Ceilidh & Dan