by Ceilidh//NoCo

Fortunately while in Mexico I had the chance to visit a lot of artisans, potters, wood carvers…one of the places we visited was a family run weaving studio.
They showed us their whole process from cleaning and carding the wool to spinning it and the process of dyeing the wool which they did with all natural materials (think bugs and flowers and pecan shells!). They also showed us how they actually weave the wool into the amazing rugs, table clothes, wall hangings, scarves…
My momma is a weaver so this was all very special to me. I can remember her doing all these things I was growing up… cleaning wool by hand, washing it in the river next to our house, dyeing it….
To me weaving is just such an ancient and special art with beautiful results. So many people don’t even realize that many of the fabrics all around us are woven.


1. Pretty flowers make pretty wool 2. The variety of colour provided by a single type of bug 3. Some weaving 4. Spools and Shuttles 5. A system 6. Alter