by Ceilidh//NoCo

I used to write and send a lot of mail… actually, that is how Dan and I ended up together but that is a story for another day!
For some reason I had gotten out of the habit of making mail so I am now giving myself a goal to send something in the mail each week.
I always hope to get something in the mail for myself so I figure sending mail is the best way to make sure this happens, since people will often write back.
I also think that subscribing to magazines is special and it obviously guarantees you will get something in the mail!

It’s  starting to feel like spring in these parts and it is a beautiful sunny day so I took the opportunity and took some photos with the help of the sun light!
mailday1. A card for some great friends 2. Tea to enjoy while writing 3. All the mail- three pieces this week! 4. Kinfolk came in the mail!