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Oaxaca (part two!)

One of my favourite things about travelling is seeing new and wonderful plants.
I don’t think I actually really realized how intrigued I am by unusual (to me) plant life until I was looking though my photos and realized just how many pictures I had actually taken of plants alone.
Coming from cold and wintery Canada the vegetation in Mexico was all pretty magical to me. I try to keep succulents and air plants alive in our house but seeing them actually thriving outdoors is a whole other thing!


1. Pretty succulent 2. A tree in bloom that no one knew the name of 3. Cactus! 4. Fleurs 5. This guy was actually huge!




Merry Everything

It seems that I have been busy lately… but since yesterday at 11 am I have been on vacation (for a week!) so I finally took some photos to share.
Christmas is coming and we have been busy making and wrapping gifts, listening to and making Christmas music (Elvis’s Blue Christmas, anyone?!) and eating and drinking a lot!
On Christmas eve we will go to visit my family in Tatamagouche…. I am pretty excited as there are extra good Christmas Surprises this year( I can’t say anything else or I will ruin the surprise)!
We will cook a duck and make donuts and eat chocolate and drink cocktails (it’s really hard for me not to only talk about food/drink!!).
The Cocoa & Honey chocolates (in the last photo) are for sale at the Brewery Market here in Halifax, they are SO good.


1. Clementines with leaves 2.Wrapping time 3. Gifts that are mostly for Nieces and Nephews! 4. Elvis is good 5. Festive table 6. Chocolates 

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