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Long weekend

I was lucky to have a long weekend this past weekend because of remembrance day.
This meant Dan and I got to hang out lots. We had two big, delicious meals with two different sets of friends
(one  of the friends has a blog called Domestic Bliss).
We also went to see Death from Above 1979 on Friday, hit up the farmers market and took in the nice weather yesterday.
Some photos…

Where we eat. 

A parcel for a far away friend

One of the many good meals of the weekend,  fall veg gnocchi.

Have a good week.




Fall Soup

I feel like I am welcoming in fall today by making really yummy soup.

Chilies, turmeric, coriander, carrot, yam, leak, onion, kale and chicken*  make up this fall soup with feta cheese scones on the side.

I am a little tentative in the kitchen as my husband, Dan, is a cook (it’s intimidating!), but soups are defiantly my safe area and something I love to make.

Not only am I welcoming in fall today but I am welcoming you to my blog. I hope you enjoy.


*I loosely referenced a recipe from Soup Kitchen called Root Soup with Cheese Scones (pg. 44). I highly recommend this book.