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Big Day Downtown

I was lucky to be able to participate in this summers Big Day Downtown blogger event. The Downtown Halifax Business Commission invites local bloggers to ‘experience it all’ in downtown Halifax by gifting us pre paid visa cards that are to be used in the Downtown. This year all bloggers were also asked to pull 3 ‘experience’ cards that would dictate how your day was to be spent!

I pulled Inspiring, Relaxing and Refreshing. Sounds like the perfect day to me! I decided to wait until the 31st of August, this past Saturday, to ‘experience it all’ and took my husband, Dan, out on the town for his Birthday! My aim was  to have an inspiring, relaxing and refreshing day overall… and I think it’s safe to say this was accomplished!

We started our day by meeting up with Katie Tower and hitting up TIBS at historic properties on the waterfront, we sat on the waterfront and drank our coffees and observed the seagulls- a true Halifax experience! Next we wondered over to the Brewery Market, which is a magical and inspiring place! Dan and I picked up our weekly groceries and we all hit up the Food Wolf for Bibimbap Benny’s- which really is the most amazing breakfast! We also found locally grown watermelon at the market and had a feast! So refreshing! The rest of the morning Dan and I walked around downtown popping into some of our favourite shops, J & R Grimsmo, RCHMND, Biscuit, Inkwell. I was looking for something refreshing and inspirational for our new house (Yep… We bought a house! There will be a post about this in the future! Promise!) which I most definitely found at Inkwell. A print by Rebecca Roher whose art I have been drooling over for a while now! We picked up a piece called “The Globe”…. really beautiful. I also picked up an Infinity Knot ring made my Caitlyn Rose at J & R Grimsmo, I have a few other pieces of hers- each one a treasure… check out her website if you want to feel inspired!

Dan and I came home and had the perfect summer dinner of potato salad, corn on the cob and Chorizo sausage from Ratinaud (which isn’t located downtown but is worth mentioning!) as well as some cocktails. Then we decided to hit up The Bicycle Thief, Dan had birthday cake and we shared some sparkling and a couple  more cocktails…. a really relaxing and refreshing way to end a great day.

Honestly, I think the overwhelming feeling of the day was Inspiring…. Halifax is an amazing city that I am so, so happy to call home!

THANK YOU to the Downtown Business Commission for this truly awesome experience!
Want to know who else participated and how you can win $100 to spend in Downtown Halifax!? Click here!


1. First stop- TIBS! 2. Capps and Butter… 3. The Food Wolf, I could eat there everyday 4. Local Water Melon from Ted Hutton 5. Menu 6. Yum! 7. A photo by Dan- in front of Inkwell with our new print 8. Infinity 9. Din Din’s at home




The newest thing

I bought this coat a couple of weeks ago from J&R Grimsmo, Grimsmo is a really sweet shop on Barrington St, and the ladies who own it are the greatest.
I had been looking at this coat for a long time and finally decided to go for it.
It has the perfect pockets, the perfect shape and a really good-looking lining!
Halifax can get pretty rainy so having a cute little rain coat certainly helps with all the grey days.
You can see more of Lauren Moffatt’s clothing here.





You know it’s spring when the sap starts to run in the Maple trees.
Growing up my family always gathered sap, boiled it down outside and bottled our own maple syrup.
Now my parents are making it again after a long hiatus and my sister and her family are carrying on the tradition.
No maple syrup compares to the kind that is boiled down over an open fire outside…. with a beautiful family member tending to it, sometimes until it’s late in the night.
It’s smokey tasting and each bottle is a little bit different from the last…perfect!





I used to write and send a lot of mail… actually, that is how Dan and I ended up together but that is a story for another day!
For some reason I had gotten out of the habit of making mail so I am now giving myself a goal to send something in the mail each week.
I always hope to get something in the mail for myself so I figure sending mail is the best way to make sure this happens, since people will often write back.
I also think that subscribing to magazines is special and it obviously guarantees you will get something in the mail!

It’s  starting to feel like spring in these parts and it is a beautiful sunny day so I took the opportunity and took some photos with the help of the sun light!
mailday1. A card for some great friends 2. Tea to enjoy while writing 3. All the mail- three pieces this week! 4. Kinfolk came in the mail! 




Fortunately while in Mexico I had the chance to visit a lot of artisans, potters, wood carvers…one of the places we visited was a family run weaving studio.
They showed us their whole process from cleaning and carding the wool to spinning it and the process of dyeing the wool which they did with all natural materials (think bugs and flowers and pecan shells!). They also showed us how they actually weave the wool into the amazing rugs, table clothes, wall hangings, scarves…
My momma is a weaver so this was all very special to me. I can remember her doing all these things I was growing up… cleaning wool by hand, washing it in the river next to our house, dyeing it….
To me weaving is just such an ancient and special art with beautiful results. So many people don’t even realize that many of the fabrics all around us are woven.


1. Pretty flowers make pretty wool 2. The variety of colour provided by a single type of bug 3. Some weaving 4. Spools and Shuttles 5. A system 6. Alter