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Iced Coffee

A few weeks ago my good friend Katie Tower and I got together to make and drink some iced coffee. Katie took photos and documented the process on her blog! It was a really nice day and after the coffee and some lunch we made mojitos and home-made donuts!
You can find the iced coffee recipe and read the full post here.


Photos by Katie Tower.





I don’t really know what to say about these photos, they are just images I’ve collected recently and I guess they make me feel calm and today I know I feel thankful for holidays!
When Dan and I have a day off together, like today, it normally involves a lot of eating and possibly some music making or dancing…  which are the best kind of days!
Recently my time has been filled with a lot of trips to Tatamagouche, rearranging our house/spring cleaning and patiently awaiting warmer days…. hopefully they will be here soon.
Another new thing in our lives… Dan and I finally gave in and got iPhones! Prior to this we only had a land line. I will admit that having an iPhone has made me pick up my camera a little less often which is not a habit I want to get into… I think life is always about finding balance, something I am working on all the time. Wish me luck!


1. New reading material 2. Tiny Quail eggs 3. So cute! 4. Mug gifts are the best 5. A tiny ‘topper’ ring (it sits just below my first knuckle!) and a solid perfume I’m obsessed with